Igniting Your List Incentive by Sue Dunlevie

Igniting Your List Incentive

It’s Time To End Your Confusion And Discover The Simple, Step-by-Step Way To Create An Amazing List Incentive Freebie... in just one afternoon

Are you struggling to build your email list?

Do you remember how lousy you felt the last time you checked your  stats in MailChimp?      
• If you want to build your list faster.... 
• If you want more people subscribing every day… 
• If you want to take OFF that low-converting opt-in on your website that says “Sign up for my email list”... 

There’s a very easy fix for that.

I have a simple and easy plan for you to create your List Incentive Freebie so it draws your readers to sign up like bees to honey.     

I’ve put together concise, short and easy-to-consume lessons that show you how to...

 • Build a highly engaged email list (without spending a cent on advertising). 

 • Discover the truth about List Incentive titles and headline formulas the “big bloggers” use. 

 • Learn the BEST way to format your Opt-In Freebie.

 • Create your List Incentive the quick & easy way.

 • Choose from the 11 types of formats that work best to get your reader to part with their email address.

 • Watch as I show you the sneaky way to get your List Incentive onto your website without stressing out.

 • Find out if you are sending out this special email? And why not? (when it increases click-thru rates like crazy!).

 • Follow along with me behind-the-scenes as I create a free Landing page (you’ll be surprised when you see how easy it is!).

• Promote your new List Incentive so that you get brand new list subscribers before you go to bed today.


.There hasn’t been a List Incentive creation program like this before...and you are going to be amazed at how simple, straight-forward and QUICK this process really is.

What You’ll Get With Igniting Your List Incentive

10 simple, easy-to-implement videos that walk you step-by-step through how to easily decide on a reader-friendly topic, create a compelling headline, choose your ideal format and actually be able to sit down and write your email-grabbing List Incentive.

You can watch the entire process unfold step-by-step in these short Walk Through Videos. Plus you’ll get an Igniting Your List Incentive Workbook to keep close by as you are watching the videos. 

Bonus #1. Content Creation Bliss

A bonus report on just how to figure out when and how to schedule your creative time in order to create amazing content for your blog.

Bonus #2. Get Sue’s Eyes On Your List Incentive Headline Ideas

Email your top 5 headline ideas to Sue and she’ll help you pick the best one that will attract subscribers so you grow your list twice as fast. Get real-time feedback from your own personal blogging coach.

See how easy creating your freebie offer can be with Igniting Your List Incentive

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Welcome to Igniting Your list Incentive!
Welcome (video)
5 mins
Welcome (audio)
5 mins
Module 1: The Frustrations Your Readers Have
The Frustrations Your Readers Have (video)
8 mins
The Frustrations Your Readers Have (audio)
8 mins
Module 2: Your Awesome Lead Magnet Topic
Your Awesome Lead Magnet Topic (video)
5 mins
Your Awesome lead Magnet Topic (audio)
5 mins
Module 3: Irresistible Headlines for Your List Incentive & Bonus
Irresistible Headlines for Your List Incentive (video)
9 mins
Irresistible Headlines for your List Incentive (audio)
9 mins
Bonus - Sue's Critique of Your Headlines
256 KB
Module 4: Formatting Your Lead Magnet
Formatting Your Lead Magnet (video)
4 mins
Formatting Your Lead Magnet (audio)
4 mins
Module 5: Writing Your List Incentive
Writing Your List Incentive (video)
4 mins
Writing Your List Incentive (audio)
4 mins
Module 6: Putting Your List Incentive Into Your Website
Putting It In Your Website (video)
4 mins
Putting It in Your Website (audio)
4 mins
Module 7: Creating a Landing Page
Creating a Landing Page (video)
5 mins
Creating a Landing Page (audio)
5 mins
Module 8: Promoting Your Lead Magnet
Promoting Your Lead Magnet (video)
2 mins
Promoting Your Lead Magnet (audio)
2 mins
Module 9: Your Welcome Email & Bonus Template
Your Welcome Email (video)
5 mins
Your Welcome Email (audio)
5 mins
Your Welcome Email Template
13.2 KB
Your Bonuses
Bonus: Coaching with Sue
Bonus: Content Creation Bliss
751 KB

A Step-by-Step Blueprint For Growing a Profitable Blog.

I help bloggers make money blogging so they can work from home, be their own boss and do what they love.   - Sue Dunlevie of Successful Blogging